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International Womens Day #BeBoldforChange

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 08th Mar 2017 13:00

20161224_192208Today is the 8th of March and its International Womens Day…..its a day to reflect on the role of women in society. For this Womens Day I wanted to write down some thoughts for my gorgeous 9 year old daughter – aka Little Miss Breckland.

She’s a sparky character – funny, brave, kind, thoughtful and full of life. Her favourite things in the world are hockey, unicorns and playing with her friends.  The notice on her bedroom read ‘Keep Calm, because my world is full of rainbows, unicorns and glitter’ ….and this truly is her world.  She’s at an age where anything and everything is possible….and oh how I want to bottle that up and keep it in her forever.

The theme for 2017 is #BeBoldforChange and I hope in some respect that I am showing her the way on this…

  • I started Breckland Orchard when she was a little over a year old…..she was 11 months old when I took the call not to go back to my corporate job.  She was 15 months when my first bottle of Breckland Orchard came off the production line. She has never known me be anything other than an entrepreneur with my own business.
  • I knew that much as I loved my job [and I really did love it] with two children under 3 I wanted to stay closer to home. I took the very bold step of leaving my job and starting a brand new business.  I knew that I wanted to create change, and that ultimately I was the only one that could do that.  If I hadn’t have taken that bold step maybe I might still be in that corporate job thinking ‘what if’ every time the school play was on.
  • She sees me working hard [sometimes very hard], but she also sees me doing something I love. I hope she always has a job that she loves.
  • Her current world is gender neutral…her Daddy most often takes her to school, she’s a cub scout, she loves tai-kwon-do [don’t mess with her in later life!], she plays in a mixed hockey team, her Mummy runs her own company….as I say anything is possible and may she be much older before coming across a block due to being a girl.

20161224_181039To my dearest girl – I love you to the moon and back….today and everyday. Lets raise a glass to women everywhere today!

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