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Proud to be who we are....

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 29th Mar 2017 01:44

Breckland orchard soft drinksI’ve just had a sales call…..from someone who wanted me to advertise in some publication or other.  We get lots of cold calls here to the office – especially now we’re in ‘Trade Show’ season and our details are published on so many trade show directories…..that just seems to put us as fair game for being rung up.  Our most frequent calls are from ‘currency exchange’ companies who seem convinced that we do lots of transactions in foreign currency. No matter how hard we try and tell them that we don’t do any transactions they won’t believe us!

Anyway…I digress…the person trying to sell me advertising space said ‘I assume you aren’t the biggest of companies’.  And he said it in quite a cautious way, as if he were afraid of insulting me.  ‘Oh yes’ I replied ‘and we are proud that we aren’t the biggest of companies’.

We’re proud that we’re different….proud that we’re family owned…proud that we aren’t angel funded or backed by silent venture capital funders….proud that we put our heart and soul into everything we do….proud that we don’t supply the major supermarkets.

So you could really never insult me by saying we’re not the biggest of companies…….that suits us just fine!

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Saramique Studio
Sat 08th Apr 2017 22:04
We absolutely love this post Claire! Your wonderful mantra is the very reason we proudly serve your beautiful and refreshingly delicious, Posh Pops!

Sat 22nd Apr 2017 15:25
Hello I would love an ebook emailed to me. myself and my customers love poshpops and how unique they are and only sold at independents. Can't wait for new fkflavours

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