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Should you serve with a straw or a glass?

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 28th Mar 2017 10:25

Straw or glass?  It’s a dilemma when serving soft drinks……and ultimately down to personal preference [much like bag-in or bag-out for herbal teas].

We would advocate paper straw every time…..and here’s why

They add an ‘ah’ factor when serving
A striped paper straw is gorgeously nostalgic and adds a bit of magic

They look pretty and colourful
Striped straws come in a variety of colours and can be customised…served in an attractive bottle [and we like to think ours are very pretty!] then they look super-smart and chic

They save on washing up
Served straight from the bottle they save washing up a glass….no breakages, no chips and no washing up [what’s not to love about that]

breckland orchard soft drinksBUT…..aren’t they expensive?
 There is a cost to paper-straws and the cost is likely to be somewhere around 5-8p per straw….but when you think of the added benefits [especially the washing up!] that seems a good price to pay.

What if someone wants a glass? Ultimately it will depend on who is drinking the soft drink…..but you could default serve it with a straw and then offer a glass as an alternative.  Younger consumers are likely to prefer a straw anyway.

Paper straws = happiness!

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PS – I’m a bag-in too!



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