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Some lovely feedback about our zero sugar Elderflower

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 17th May 2017 12:16

Breckalnd lifestyle1It’s always a highlight of the day to get customer feedback about any of our drinks.  With Social Media channels its just a lot quicker and more instant to do…..and we do still get a few letter [always a delicious treat to receive].

Here’s one that arrived yesterday via Facebook about our zero sugar Elderflower:

Today……my husband and I nipped out for a light lunch. On offer was ‘sugar free Elderflower pop’ OH MY GOSH!!! Firstly I was delighted to discover such a joy. Secondly came the taste!!!! Heaven in a bottle is an understatement. Thank you for making my summer complete. …..would happily purchase this to have on tap if I could 😉

I’ve carefully crafted our range of zero sugar drinks …..same great taste as our regular drinks, but just no added sugar.  So to get such lovely feedback makes my heart sing, and it makes all the hours of tweaking the recipe, care and attention worth it.

The zero sugar Elderflower is also zero calorie…..but that definitely doesn’t have to equal zero taste as you can see!

So if you see me with a smile on my face the next few days you’ll know why!

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