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Why we're proud to not supply supermarkets

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 10th Aug 2017 01:17

Breckland orchard artisan drinksEver since I started Breckland Orchard we’ve had a stated aim of not supplying supermarkets [not now, not ever].  It’s on our leaflets, its written on all our boxes of drinks, and its displayed loud and proud at our trade shows [see picture above!].

I know lots of start up brands are chasing the supermarket dream….longing to be on the shelves of Tesco, or gracing the fridges of Sainsburys….and that’s fabulous but its just not my dream.

My dream at the start and my reality now is to work with cafes, coffee shops, farmshops and delis that share my love of great tasting food and drink.  To work with outlets that want to offer something a little different to that on the shelves of the large retailer down the road.  I am lucky enough that we are a family owned business, who aren’t venture backed, or controlled by a large organisation that would be forcing us to go down that route.  Being independent means we can be the masters of our own destiny and do the right thing.

And people question me hard….and say that I’ll go that route one day….but 8 years down the line I am still of the same view….and you have my word.


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