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Toilets that get people talking.............

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 23rd Aug 2017 01:41

british soft drinks breckland orchardJohn Stanley, the Farmshop and Garden centre guru always talks about having memorable washroom facilities!  It’s a great way to get people talking…

I was in Birmingham a few weeks ago and saw these really cute signs….

breckland orchard soft drinksWhat a fantastic way of customising boring ladies and gents signs for a coffee shop.

breckland orchard soft drinksNot all innovation needs to be earth-shattering – just having a new take on the familiar can be enough to raise a smile!


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Cambridge Digital Marketing
Tue 05th Sep 2017 11:58
I do love how toilets have been used as marketing spots and humour is not far away! For the mens I have seen tv screens where we stand! You see how lucky is that on top of not having to queue.

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