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When people make it hard to pay.....

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 30th Aug 2017 01:44

MoneyThere’s so much in the press about payment for small businesses and how hard it is to get paid.  And yes, I could probably write a huge blog on that…..but sometimes it works in reverse!  By that I mean some companies actually make it hard to pay them!

At Breckland Orchard we’re just very fair to suppliers…and pay every invoice on time….often in advance of when its due.  I think that’s the least that can be done – treat every supplier with respect and with the long term partnership mindset that I would want from them.

BUT – I am often gob-smacked by the amount of companies who don’t put their bank account details on their invoices.  Which then neccessitates a phone call to the account department, a request to send over those bank account details [always get those on letter headed paper just to make triple sure]. All that before I can get the invoice paid….wouldn’t it be so much simpler to just put it on the invoice?

I only want to pay you…please don’t make it hard!

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