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Credit Crunch Start-up

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 29th Jun 2009 00:35

MoneyWas I crazy to start up a new business right in the middle of a credit crunch, and give up a safe and well paid job?  I gave up my job at Mars at the end of 2008, after having had done a very tough commute to work for more years than I care to remember.  When my two little ones came along I knew that there had to be a better way.  I honestly didn’t want them to go through school and their early life effectively only seeing me at weekends. Creeping out of the door at the crack of dawn and back after they were in bed tugs at your heart strings and question your reason for being.  Its the dilemma that so many of us working mums go through – and its a tough, tough choice.

Starting up in a credit crunch may not be everyone’s idea of a sound decision, but I’ve always been a risk taker, and Mars had given me a great business grounding.  My logic has been that if I can make the business seed and grow during these less than perfect times, then when we are ready to stretch our wings and fly that the economy will be right behind us [rather than against us!].  Starting up in the credit crunch also means I need to be more creative, tougher and nimbler. All of which are great lessons for a start up – they will stand me in good stead.

Recessions aren’t great times for getting funding, but my family and friends were hugely supportive and backed me.  I hope to repay their confidence at some point in the future!

So am I crazy to start a business in a credit crunch?  I hope time will prove that it was the right decision…watch this space


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Wed 03rd Feb 2016 03:12
I tried your posh pop at a lovely restaurant called The Whitebrook. Love the drinks, love that you've set out on your own and the brand. You're an inspiration. I'm in the same position as you were, just about to start a family and not wanting to miss all the important moments as kids grow up and salute what you've done. Great work!

Claire Martinsen
Tue 08th Mar 2016 07:23
Ah- thank you Michael...that's really kind of you. Claire

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