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TLA's and all that jazz.......

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 25th Oct 2017 01:34

Claire_MartinsenI was at an event last week and just ended up getting frustrated at the number of three letter abbreviations  [TLA’s] that the speakers were using……to the point of utter distraction I have to say.  In the end my mind was just trying to figure them out and the words were running over my head as a result…..time to get Dr Google out!  Once I figured them out I could listen.

I REALLY hate it when people use too much technical jargon……when they assume that I know the intricacies of their industry, whereas all I really want to know is what the end result will look like.   It happens an awful lot in the print industry – both printed materials and labels.  I even wrote about it some time back in another blog post….so some things never change….

I can only really think of 3 abbreviations that are used in my world of soft drinks…..

  • MOQ = minimum order quantity
  • SKU = stock holding unit
  • BBD = best before date

and I am proud to say that I would NEVER use these either internally or with anyone I was communicating with at Breckland Orchard.  When they are used in communications to me then I do at least understand them, but I wouldn’t expect anyone else to understand them [why would they?].

So……..I think my learning from last week’s frustration is:

  1. Super-buckle my resolve never to use technical jargon
  2. Never assume that people understand your industry as well as you do



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PS – Apologies for using the term TLA…..it was done in jest! But at least I explained what it meant, so hopefully you weren’t left scratching your head!

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