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Why we're huge fans of glass.....

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 22nd Jan 2018 17:29

IMG_20170804_083916_135Blue Planet on BBC certainly set off an out-pouring of debate around the use of plastics – and that can only be a good thing.

It’s incredible how many restaurants are now planning to ban [or already have banned] the use of single use plastic straws.  Given that the alternatives are much more environmentally friendly, and not excessively more expensive its a great move [and we are HUGE fans of paperstraws as our Instagram clearly shows!].

20180122_150841We also choose to use glass bottles for our drinks in preference to plastic…..mainly for these reasons

  • Glass can be recycled again and again…..it’s what called a closed loop, and you can recycle many times without any loss of quality or performance
  • Recycled glass bottles get used again in new glass bottles!  Each one of our bottles contains between 55-60% recycled content on average.
  • Glass recycling is predominantly done in the UK….it doesn’t get shipped to China to be recycled.
  • It’s a really safe and effective method of packaging our drinks…..it means that they reach our customers in the A1 perfect conditions that we made them in.
  • Glass is well…just more class…….we call our drinks Posh Pop, and we like to think that the packaging adds to the quality of the drinks inside.
  • To do our small bit towards to environment…..unlike other pack formats it doesn’t adversely affect marine life, nor pollute oceans and coast lines….and that matters.




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