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We're family owned not investor owned [and that's good!]

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 24th Jan 2018 02:52

Abergavenny Food FestivalWe’re a family owned business……..and this blog from a while back explained why that’s a good place to be from my perspective.  It doesn’t mean we’re unambitious, it doesn’t mean we’re parochial and small….. but it does means that we take risks with our own money and borrowings, not other folks.

But recently I’ve had someone  dropping me lots of emails along the lines of….


Hi Claire,
I just came across Breckland Orchard- cool to see what you guys are doing! Wanted to quickly write and ask if you are planning your funding round soon?

I’m part of the founding team at XXXXXXX which lets you complete the entire XXXXX process online with your investors. Since launching in XXXXXXXX we’re now helping to close 2 funding rounds on our platform every day, with unlimited chat support from our team of advisors every step of the way. I’d be delighted to hop on a Skype call and show you how it works, and hear more about what you’re doing.

Let me know when suits and maybe we can set something up later this week or early next?

Thanks for your time,


I dropped him back a reply just to explain, that we aren’t seeking any investors…..and even if [their company] is the very best at what they do, we don’t really require their services.

I have lots of friends in the food business who have successfully got outside investment – and hats off to them….but that’s their dream not mine….


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