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East Anglia Family Business Day 2018

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 02nd Feb 2018 01:34

20180201_132710Wednesday was East Anglia Family Business Day 2018 – celebrating all that is great about family businesses in the area.  So lunchtime was spent networking at the English Whisky Company which is based in East Harling.  I’ve know Andrew Nelstrop who runs the business for many years…ever since I started Breckland Orchard.

20180201_132914Our paths have crossed many times over the years, and when the  Kitchen restaurant opened at St George’s Distillery last autumn we were delighted that the Nelstrops chose Breckland Orchard for their menu.

20180131_135654It was lovely to get a tour round St George’s Distillery and see all the casks laid down and maturing..

20180131_140554English Whisky company have developed over the years, as have we…….but at heart we are both nice family owned businesses, so it was nice to be part of the celebrations of that yesterday

20180131_142014Thank you to Birketts and Family Business United for organising a great and productive day!  Everyday a school day when you run your own business.

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