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Setting up at Farm and Deli Show 2018

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 30th Apr 2018 05:41

Last week we were at Farm Shop and Deli show at the NEC.  It’s an annual show, but this year was running along side Food and Drink Expo so was even larger than usual!  My husband [aka Mr Breckland] was kind enough to come over to the NEC and help me set up…..The contents of this flatbed trolley by magic had to  be turned into a trade stand!

20180415_114112The NEC is a pretty tough place to set up and it was in a hall with not much parking so that made things even harder!  We had just an hour to unload the vehicle…..and some of that got eaten into when we went to the wrong entrance.  Less haste required….so after re-loading, re-unloading we finally arrived at B63 – our home for the 3 days of the show.  The picture shows my husband in his very fetching hi-viz which is a key component of setting up to comply with exhibition health and safety rules.

20180415_115107Shows always look so different during build up – there are lots of people setting up, electricians fitting lights, pallets being moved around.  The venues always feel very echo-y, as the carpet is the very last item to go down and that influences the acoustics tremendously.  The aisles have lots of pallets littered through them…..and as we were there early on Sunday not many stands were built. As I say…shows look SOOO different during build up!

Anyway….all was set up and assembled within 90 minutes! It’s amazing the magic that can be worked! Just in the nick of time for the show to start at 10am on Monday morning!

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