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When potty training and being an mumpreneur go hand in hand

by Claire Martinsen on Sun 14th Mar 2010 19:37

pottyI was at a meeting in Ipswich on Wednesday and rather innocently the folk I was meeting asked how things were….and so I told them, with the result that we were all nearly rolling around in laughter at the thought of it all. I’ve had a great week – really I have…but its brought home the joys [and realities] of being a mumpreneur.

My youngest Alice, is 2  and at the weekend it seemed time to start potty-training.  It went really well, and she took to it pretty easily – so far, so good.  I have childcare help from the wonderful Aimee who looks after Alice [and a neighbours kid].  This week though Aimee came down with a chest infection, and there was no way she could make it to work.  So that was what I had to juggle – me, Breckland Orchard, looking after Alice and getting her through potty training. Well I’ve always been one for a challenge!

It went fine – had a little help from a family friend, did a little more work early in the morning and later on when the children went to bed.  I survived, the business survived and most importantly Alice survived.  It was just when I was explaining the situation at Ipswich that the sheer logistics and balancing it all hit me! I guess women have always been great at multi-tasking and this was one situation which really needed me to ultra-balance.

Being a mumpreneur isn’t easy, but it sure isn’t boring!


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