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Some lovely feedback from Broughtons Coffee House

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 24th Mar 2010 18:47

caffe cultureIan Broughton runs Broughtons Coffee House – the trade magazine for the Tea/Coffee sectors, and is a font of knowledge on the sector.  Broughtons are doing a count down to Caffe Culture which takes place at Olympia 23-25th June and as part of this are doing a review of the exhibitors [we are going to be there on stand H135]…….they have kindly reviewed Breckland Orchard as below:

Fascinating soft drinks company, this one. Claire Martinsen had the job everyone wants – she worked in a chocolate factory. Actually, that’s under-selling her quite a lot, because she had a fairly good position at Mars. Then she decided to follow the dream, and re-create drinks she remembered her grandmother making. “Her lemonade was legendary and we just loved it!” says Claire (pictured right). “I’ve spent months crafting the range, and making sure they taste just perfect.”

Now, the problem with many artisan companies is that they are a bit vague on the practical marketing side. Claire isn’t, and is quite definite about the prospects:

“The current dynamics within the market are – premium soft drinks are the growth segment, playing to changing consumer tastes such as the move away from alcohol (especially at lunchtime), growing interest in health, and growing interest in premiumisation in general (as with the rest of the coffee sector).   It’s a very dynamic marketing with Mintel forecasting it to grow by 25% over the next 5 years. There really never has been a better time to take advantage of the soft drinks opportunity, and independents are best placed to do it.

“There is currently a ‘disconnect’ between consumers who feel that the choice of soft drinks is lacking, and the soft drink range stocked by out-of-home outlets. Consumers are bored with being offered run-of-the-mill drinks when they are not drinking. There is a great deal of potential growth for outlets that can offer an appealing range.”

And that’s just how I feel – the market is dynamic, growing and exciting……..I’ve got a dynamic and exciting new brand…how fab is that!


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