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The amazing and slightly surreal Real Food Festival

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 11th May 2010 14:45

Real Food 2I’m just back from 5 days in London at the Real Food Festival 2010 which took place Friday 7th through to Monday 10th…..at Earl’s Court!  Having only just started up in business a little over a year ago [well a year and two months if you want to be pedantic] then I’m not well versed in either trade or consumer shows, and every one is a new experience.  It was my first time at Real Food Festival….and boy what a sight for the senses!

The very first sight on entering the hall was a couple of piglets, then you moved through to Petal the Buffalo [from Laverstoke Farm], a Jersey cow, hens, lambs, and the famous Sheep Show in the corner.  Mingled in between them were 400 mostly small food producers, a few cookery demonstration areas, a few eateries….and an amazing Cornish Tea Garden in the very centre. It was a real sight [and sound]……I don’t think I have ever experienced anything quite so surreal!

A very wierd sight was the lines of people queueing around Petal the Buffalo to buy their Buffalo Burger….humm…. I’m no vegetarian, but being that close to your food source is quite one for the hardened!

Real Food 2010I got to meet and catch up with SOOOOO many other lovely foodie folk……that’s the nice thing about Food Shows.  Lunch daily was gorgeous homemade burgers from our neighbours Northfield Farm [Lamb & Mint and also Pork & Stilton….both to die for], some lovely bread/treats from Degustibus Artisan Breads, and a dessert of an ice-cream from Norfolk Farmhouse Icecream [Honeycomb and Raspberry Meringue were the absolute favourite]…..so lovely to enjoy delicious food, from enthusiastic producers.  And of course, we ensured that they didn’t go thirsty either – I mean its thirsty work chatting away all day!


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Tim Nicol
Tue 11th May 2010 20:45
Claire- good to see you there and hope the trade day made the free sampling worthwhile. Too much chutney and rapeseed oil there for my liking, not to mention cup cakes. Your Ginger beer a welcome quencher. My village project has come good- we won! See http://www2.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_village_sos?tab=2

Claire Martinsen
Wed 12th May 2010 06:27
So nice to see you too - and big big Congratulations! Have checked out the site and looks really interesting.....all the best for the coming year!

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