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Letting rip at the Real Food Festival

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 14th May 2010 07:16

rant boardI was delighted [even honoured] to be asked by the lovely folk at Rude Health to become one of their Real Food Festival Ranters earlier in the week. Rude Health are passionate about making great tasting, healthy and organic breakfast cereals  and invited a whole bunch of fellow foodie enthusiasts to ‘rant’ about a subject close to their heart.

I’m a huge fan of Rude Heath Fruity Date porridge, and have gotten to know Camilla and Nick through various exhibitions and of course….Twitter [@rudehealth]! Nick is a seasoned ranter……you can see their passion on their packaging, but also on their website! They has gathered a really great castlist to ‘rant’ daily at the Bandstand at the Real Food Festival. This is the lovely @porridgelady, who talked about all things Oaty!

porridge ladyI ranted about ‘Fake Lemonade’……we have a generation of children growing up thinking that Lemonade is white gloopy sugary and comes in 2litre PET bottles.  Its literally a world away from the zesty ‘YELLOW’ lemonade that I make! That Fake stuff is giving the real macoy a bad name……Yeak!  If you want to hear the rant in full then listen here [select Breckland Orchard from the drop down]

Cloudy Lemonade Breckland OrchardThe feedback I had at the Real Food Festival when folk tasted Breckland Ochard lemonade was out of this world…everyone loves it where ever we go, and its just the loveliest, summeriest, zestiest, most refreshingiest drink ever!

‘this stuff rocks’

‘Mmmmmm – that’s amazing’


Thank you Rude Health for letting me get that off my chest!


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