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The one and only totally unique Bhajiman.......

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 08th Jun 2010 06:22

BhajimanI mentioned in an earlier post that the Suffolk Show had been great this year…..East Anglia has got a really vibrant food scene, full of small producers making great and unique products.  The local shows around the area are a great way of showcasing our products to the public, and allowing them to taste and sample away, but they are also a great social event for us all Buy cheap Cialis too!  A chance to get together, chat, gossip, share stories and experiences.

Don Lear is a well known local celebrity – otherwise known as the Bhajiman! He is Sri Lankan by birth and established himself as a successful businesman in Norfolk.  His Onion Bhajis were much admired, so he decided to make the spice mixes required to make them – and lo and behold the Bhajiman was born. The Onion Bhaji’s have now been joined by a host of other products including Rogan Josh, Vindaloo, Bombay Potatoes.

Bhajiman kitsThe Bhajiman is just a totally unique character and much loved at all the shows…..wearing his boater he whips up scrumptious samples and totally engages the public into his products, inspiring them to go home and have a go!

And the best thing about being at the show? Having a little piece of Onion Bhaji turn up in the corner of the stand – sent with love from the Bhajiman!


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