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Soft drinks by any other name....the debate continues

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 08th Jun 2010 18:59

Six bottles close on gateI did a Blog post last year, just after setting up posing a dilemma…..what is a simple way to describe what Breckland Orchard produces! At that time I was jiggling…soft drinks, carbonated soft drinks, presses, carbonated fruity soft drinks, minerals etc etc. [take a peek at the original article here to remind you]

A year down the line it is no easier…..describing them in the abstract is hard, show someone a bottle and a big beaming smile comes across their face with an ‘Aha’ [a kind of ‘got-it’]. They taste amazing that’s  for sure.

So I’ve kind of decided….we make ‘posh pop from Norfolk’…..what do you think?


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Tue 08th Jun 2010 18:18
Love it ;)

Jeanette Flemons
Wed 16th Jun 2010 10:34
I think it's great. A common theme in Norfolk - we have Posh B&Bs in Holt!

Claire Martinsen
Thu 17th Jun 2010 11:38
And a lovely posh B&B at that!

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