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Why some cold callers give me a chill........

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 17th Jun 2010 12:56

iStock_000003499930XSmallI’ve written before about my experience of cold callers, and the feeling sometimes of being persued and hunted…..this week has thrown up two quite different cold calling experiences


I was called by a very abrupt lady who asked me simply if I needed ‘signs’, which I assured her I didn’t.  It obviously took her rather by surprise, because her next question was ‘what business are you in?’.  Meanly, or perhaps unsurprisingly I refused to tell her, and said simply that she should have done her research before phoning me!


I was also called by someone who wanted to sell me freeze dried fruit [incidently which I also don’t use or require].  Her approach was much more conversational, she said she was looking at my website, loved the picture of me and the kids and thought the varieties sounded really interesting.  Unsurprisingly, we probably had a much more constructive telephone call.

….at the end of the day I neither require signs or freeze dried fruit BUT one caller had clearly done her research better than the other.  Why should I bother to buy from people who can’t even be bothered to look me up…


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Cheeky Spouse
Thu 17th Jun 2010 12:14
I feel just the same. I find it incredible that people don't bother to find anything out before calling – after all, it just makes them look stupid in the end. When I used to live in a flat, I had a call from someone trying to sell me a conservatory. I decided to lead them on, as it were, just for a joke. I got them all enthusiastic and then said, "I didn't know you could fit a conservatory on to a second floor flat"! Maybe I should have gone as far as allowing them to come around to measure up!

Thu 17th Jun 2010 12:38
Spot on! Speaking as a cold caller (eek!) ... it doesn't take long to figure that that teeny bit of extra time familiarising with the call before dialling the number = much better success.

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