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Memories of the M25 come flooding back!

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 26th Jul 2010 10:06

M25 carsI had a very memorable day last Friday – but rather one that I would forget…..crawling around the M25 at a snails pace, caught up in Friday/school holiday/roadworks activity!

Prior to starting Breckland Orchard I worked for Mars in Slough, and commuted there a couple of days a week, staying down one or two nights a week too.  At that time the M25 was a second home and I knew its nooks, crannies and every shortcut known to man……its really not an unfamiliar route!

Last Friday I was heading down to Wales to visit my mum, with my two-year old in the back, when we ran into the mother of all queues.  All in all I had a two and a half hour delay – not pretty for anyone, but pretty horrific with a toddler in the back! Mini-girl Martinsen was as patient as a saint [really she was!], but  as the time dragged out even she was finding it pretty tough.

Bad memories came flooding back, and I reflected that a closure at the Elveden cross-roads or bumping behind a tractor pulling a trailer is as bad as it gets travelling around Norfolk. Phew!  Never have I been so glad to get back to much more reliable road network.


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