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Posh Pop .....It's official

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 10th Jan 2011 08:04

I’ve been pondering what to call my lovely drinks ever since I started up! Presses, soft drinks, minerals….and so the list went on.  Read my previous blog post to see my chain of thought!

That was the problem….when I described them to folk everyone looked a bit confused, show them a bottle and I go an ‘aha’-moment.

Inspiration struck – they are a ‘posh pop’!  I experimented by scribbling on a blackboard and standing it on my stand at the Norfolk Show and other shows through the summer.  And it seemed to strike a chord – people loved it!

And now its official……Posh Pop is registered as a Trademark No 2556655

Breckland Orchard, Posh Pop from Norfolk


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