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When local means personal service............

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 11th Jan 2011 07:54

I get my labels printed by Norwich Labels, who are just down the road from the bottling plant that I use to make my lovely drinks.  John Parker runs the show, assisted by Matty and J.  They’ve been involved with the Breckland Orchard story right from the start.  I still remember vividly the cold Friday afternoon back in February 2009 when we were on the press choosing all the colours for the trees on the front of the labels…..Pantone books in hand and trying to get the right distinction between the colours.  The Norwich Label guys were great – and kept mixing up colours until they were happy that the job looked perfect.

And the picture above is of John, delivering me some Pear and Elderflower labels to finalise the latest production run.  He nipped round in person, had a cuppa,watched the labels on the machine and gave a few hints and tips to make things run even smoother.

They’re so local that I can pop in for a coffee myself, and ask John or the team anything I need to know.  Philip, the owner is sometimes there, and I can chat with him…..I know I’m not some faceless account number for them, and they aren’t some faceless supplier to me.

I get rung a lot by companies wanting to quote for my labels, but they are so far away – which I know shouldn’t make a difference.  The team at Norwich labels really care, they’re willing my little company to grow and succeed and that makes a big difference.

Thanks guys………


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