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Food Innovation - a whole new take

by Claire Martinsen on Sun 13th Feb 2011 15:13

Since setting up my little microenterprise, I’ve had a huge amount of support, advice and physical help from folk that I used to work with at Mars.  The support from the Mars network has been nothing short of amazing.  So I was delighted last week to  put a little back so-to-speak!

Antonia Maclean [of Wingivers] and Penny Pullen [of Making Projects Work] have teamed up to give a series of 4 workshops via i-net who are based in the East Midlands.  The workshops are all designed to help food companies with innovation.  Antonia and Penny are both dynamic  and creative business women as well amazing facilitators. I have no doubt whatsoever that the series of workshops are going to produce some stunning results.  There are some fab companies who are going through the innovation workshops – from charcuterie, ice-cream, ingredient companies – all of them excited about using some new techniques to launch some new innovation platforms.

I was asked by Antonia and Penny if I would come along and talk to the group about how the the innovation process worked at  Breckland Orchard.  All those years working in one of the best companies for innovation, gave me a great grounding in how innovation should be done…..and I’ve tried to take those principles, great lessons and insights into my own small business.  Its not always easy if you are working on the teeny-tiniest budget imaginable, but it is possible that’s for sure!

I was really happy to share my experiences of innovation in a small business.  The feedback from the workshop attendees was great….and I hope that I have played my small part in helping their creative juices to flow.  Looking forward to seeing the result of your labours in a few months time guys!

I’ll share those same experiences on my next blogpost!  Its firmly my viewpoint that great innovation isn’t only the domain of big companies with big budgets to do it with.

How is innovation for you? What tips does anyone else have?


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Sat 19th Feb 2011 14:24
Thank you so much for your inspirational talk - looking forward to letting you know the results!

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