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Breckland Orchard on Video

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 16th Jun 2011 10:19

I spent a large chunk of yesterday with the guys from Lambda Films filming a video for the forthcoming updated Breckland Orchard website!  I’ve been meaning to put a short video together for ages – mine is a very visual product, and video is a much better means of showing it rather than flat photos.  I’d been putting it off as I haven’t much relished having my ‘face’ on film.  I’m actually quite shy [not many people know that], hate my photo being taken and so the thought of video has been quite daunting.

Like all things in small business sometimes you just need to conquer your own worries and just go for it……….which I did yesterday. Chatting in front of the camera all about Breckland Orchard, the story behind the bottles and describing the different varieties.  Was I nervous? Yes.  Was it fine in reality? Well the Lambda guys really know what they are doing so held my hand [so to speak!]

Ryan and Alex had already done some footage of the bottles coming off the line at the bottling factory, so yesterday was about doing some outdoor shots.  The Brecks is an area of outstanding beauty, and I wanted to show some of the area.  We were really lucky to be able to film on the Elveden Estate – a working estate, and completely stunning!

We filmed for a few hours, though the final video won’t be much longer than 90 seconds!  I look forward to sharing the results in a few weeks time.  I doubt Kate Winslet has anything to fear from my humble efforts!

Thank you to Frances and Grace at Elveden for their help – Elveden are wonderful foodie friends and great supporters.  It’s much appreciated.



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Mon 05th Mar 2012 15:08
Is your video posted somewhere on your website yet? We are busy updating our website and will post a video as well. Just love your site, so I was hoping to see what you have done with your video.

Claire Martinsen
Wed 07th Mar 2012 11:38
Hello Jeni - yes, it should be on the homepage of my website www.brecklandorchard.co.uk Thank you for your lovely comments xx Claire

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