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Soft Drinks by any other name.....

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 28th May 2009 08:52

I would love to find a word for the products I make. A word [or words] that everyone would universally understand without seeing them!  At networking meetings I say we produce carbonated soft drinks….which makes everyone look a little bit puzzled.  Show them a bottle of Breckland Orchard and everyone intuitively knows!

So that’s the dilemma!

The British Soft Drink Association is the trade organisation, and certainly supermarkets refer to the ‘soft drinks’ aisle.  But its a bit bland isn’t it? Soft drinks maybe sounds a bit wimpy……..like they might be beaten up in the playground!

Other companies have started calling their drinks ‘sparkling presses’ or just ‘presses’…..does that sound too elitest?  ‘Fizzy drinks’ sounds a bit artificial and doesn’t reflect the fact that we don’t use artificial colourings, flavourings or sweeteners.  ‘Pop’ is a great word, but makes you think of Corona Bottles with a 10p deposit on the bottles, – its got a retro zing about it though.  ‘Soda’ is a bit American….us Brits think more of Soda siphons, or Soda water, so that’s not really an option.  In Ireland they are called ‘minerals’ but that sounds a bit alien, and like they could have come up out of the ground.  Mintel [the market research company] have created a category called ‘Adult Soft Drinks’, but it doesn’t trip off the tongue and certainly its not just adults who love fruit based drinks with no artificials in them.

Is there a better word out there for naturally based, carbonated drinks?  We’re racking our brains this end. So for the time being we shall stick to ‘delicious soft drinks from Norfolk that really sparkle’…….but if anyone has any better ideas, we’d love to hear them!


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Wed 10th Jun 2009 14:05
Bubbles without the troubles, natural fruit drinks with no hidden extras.

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