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The new Food Entrepreneurs

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 27th Jul 2011 07:12

Just been catching up with Radio 4’s Food Programme via Podcast.  Fabulous edition entitled New Food Entrepeneurs by Tim Heyward [first broadcast 27th June 2011] .  The programme was all about the surge of entrepreneurs starting food businesses having come from a corporate/professional background – all in all a really fascinating programme.

  • One of Tim’s key points was that there have been various big milestones through the ages with regard to food, and that now is another of those milestones.  Post war there was the rise of Ethnic restaurants, in the last recession gave us the Gastropub, this recession has given us the Food entrepreneur.
  • New entrepreneurs don’t have an exit strategy – they are doing it for the love of it.
  • New fine food businesses have an echo of the tech-wave, whereby people started small, were up against the likes of IBM, but still managed to fine niches in which to start new businesses.
  • British consumers are going through a new revolution, whereby they are looking for quality food, food with a story and food with integrity – this is the space/niche that the new wave of food entrepreneurs are innovating.

I loved the thoughts of  one of the Food Entrepeneurs who runs his fathers pasta company.  He talked about food being ‘real’, and that although you get the same grief there is something deeply rewarding about making something, which people appreciate and keep coming back for more.

He’s completely right, there is something deeply rewarding about toiling all day and then having customers appreciate your outputs so much.  Its very instant and gratifying…………unlike a project in the corporate world which could take you ages, and for which such enthusiastic feedback will never be received!

The mindset of the new food entreprenuers was described as being: enthusiastic, having faith, ‘lets-have-a-go’, passionate, not quite so serious.

Having come from that corporate background myself, I thought it was a fab programme – have a listen to the Podcast!


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