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Aldeburgh Food Festival Magic

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 28th Sep 2009 19:11

Aldeburgh 4Just back from a totally magical weekend at the Aldeburgh Food Festival.  I was there with my lovely drinks – in the main marquee.  The two day festival was held at Snape Maltings – in a most fabulous setting next to the River Alde.

This was the 4th Festival…and surely had to be the best.  The organisers had a invited a great mix of 75 food and drink exhibitors, some of the top chefs in the country as well as some of the key opinion formers in the Food and Drink industry…..put it all together and it was pure Alchemy. Overlay some spectacular weather, the amazing setting, and general carnival atmosphere and it made for something really special…..too special to really put into words – you had to be there.

Aldeburgh 6First rate producers all showcasing fabulous products with fabulous provenance.  What made Aldeburgh unique is that the mix of product was just so wide – from Bluebell Woods Wild Venison, Sutton Hoo Chicken [our neighbours!], Wissett Wines and Sotherton Farm Beef and Pies.  A special mention to our other neighbours ‘The Cake Shop’ of Woodbridge.  The name is deceptive, since they are famous for ‘real’ artisan bread.  All their breads were stunning, but totally intreging were their range of Suffolk Speciality Breads [Suffolk Trencher, Suffolk Beaver and Suffolk Crunch].  Christine and the team had researched ancient bread recipes and recreated them for the 21st Century.  Now you just wouldn’t get that in a sterile supermarket would you?

All in all it was a total assault on the senses:

Aldeburgh 5SMELL….the divine Lowestoft fish barbequing  outside, or the Suffolk Lamb being cooked up by the Salad Days guys. Bhajiman’s stall smelt divine, as did the Venison being spit roasted outside. The celebrities on the stage were cooking up some pretty divine smelling food too – most using food sourced locally.

TASTE….there were tasting opportunities everywhere, as the producers were keen to let everyone taste just how special food can be.  If you love making quality produce then there is just an inate desire to share it with everyone.

SIGHT…Food, glorious food everywhere.  There were some quite amazing displays of fresh fish in a boat, some really innovative fast food outlets housed in various vintage vans/camper vans, the sights of the river, of Snape Maltings itself

SOUNDAldeburgh 2…The sound of people having a great time, of intelligent talk around food matters on the M&S cookery stage [John Gummer had some really interesting and forthright views on food and young people] the Jazz Band playing outside making happy people feel even happier……

TOUCH…so much to see/to do everywhere, but it was lovely to see that there was a special focus on getting children involved – East Feast provided lots of hands on activities to entertain

Aldeburgh 10I was there with my drinks [of course], my mum and family friend Vera, so it really was a family affair. I couldn’t have done it without them and it definitely wouldn’t have been such fun – so thank you x

For all those who came by, who gave such lovely comments and feedback thank you too…..It really meant a lot.  To Jennie, Nadia and the rest of the organising committee – thank you for all  the hard work you put in to make it such a success.

As for Aldeburgh Food Festival that will stay in the memories – pure foodie magic!


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