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The Joy of Social Media..........

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 08th May 2012 02:05

There’s lots of chatter about Social Media, lots of scare stories in the press, but what detractors don’t realise is how fabulous it is for small business use.  I just adore it, and can’t imagine being able to run Breckland Orchard without it.

Shona Chambers and I started chatting on Twitter just over a year ago.  Shona had a son, and he was the driver behind her deciding to set up a new venture………her story really echoes my own two years earlier.

Her idea was to start a cafe with a real focus on great tasting food – food that she would be proud to feed her own son, and inspired by the great tasting food she enjoyed whilst she was growing up in Somerset.  Over the year Shona and I have continued to chat, and its been great to follow her progress via Facebook too.  So its been possible to track her taking over the keys of a disused cafe in Nunhead, and turn it into a head turning cafe.

And this weekend she opened for the very first time to show everyone the realities of that nugget of an idea.  Does it take your breathe away?  It did me.  That’s entrepreneurs for you – if you get a glint of an idea, you move heaven and earth to make it happen.

Social Media has made this more than a casual trade enquiry, it turned it into a year long sharing of a story and progress………..and that conversation will be ongoing I have no doubt!

And Shona’s Tweet after the very first day ‘it has been incredible. Utterly unprepared for the amount of custom’ showed that she was right to have moved heaven and earth, and Nunhead are very lucky to have a great new cafe. So proud of you x

The Dish and The Spoon, 61 Cheltenham Road, London, SE15 3AF




PS I’m really chuffed that Shona has decided to serve Breckland Orchard drinks in her lovely new cafe – so if you live in SE15 you have no excuse for not having tried them!


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