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Honing Video Skills...........and hoping Susie's fizz rubs off on us....

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 08th May 2012 14:11

I love blogging [which of course reading this you’ll already know!]…….but I live in a very visual world and get to go to some amazing places.  I’d love to share more of those experiences via some video blogs.  I have a great video on my website shot by Alex and Ryan from Lambda films………and I’m definitely not able [or wanting] to make anything like as professional as that.  But some footage from some of the food festivals we attend would be great!

I went on an ‘Introduction to Video Making’ course a couple of weeks ago at South Green Enterprise Park.  It was a course organised by Tastes of Anglia as part of Landskills East.  Landskills East  is funded under the RDPE scheme [part EU funded] and aims to give land based enterprises skills and training – Tastes of Anglia are a partner delivering courses for the food and drink sector.

Mars had an eviable reputation for training – and over the years I worked for Mars I had some of the best training imaginable.  They saw it as an investment in their staff, and we really were in the forefront of skills training, as well as having our very own Sales Training team to call on.  I thought I would never have access to that kind of training again…….but Landskills has been a complete revelation.  I’ve been trained in photography skills, attended the NAFDMA conference in Virginia, and also had a some great video training!

The tutors on the video course were Susie and Pat from Green Shoots .  Green Shoots specialise in the rural sector, so we had some great teachers.  A full day experimenting and being taught basic skills – and a follow up half day a few weeks later.

And that was what today was all about……..Susie gave Chloe and myself some coaching and direction in how we could shoot better shots.  Susie just ‘fizzes’ creativity, and she ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ about getting things exactly right……we were in expert hands.  We laughed [a lot], made mistakes [lots] and generally came away feeling more proficient than we did at the start of the afternoon.

And if only 1% of Susie’s creativity has rubbed off on us, then we’ll be improving our video skills in no time.  You-Tube beware!




PS – Thank you to Chris and Jo of LaHogue Farmshop for allowing us to use their magnificent location as backdrop!

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Judy Randon
Wed 09th May 2012 05:59
Fantastic blog Claire and so glad you have found the courses useful - we aim to please! Another Food Photography course coming up at South Green Park on 29th May, 2012 hosted by the lovely team from Green Shoots. Book with me or dawn@tastesofanglia.com

Claire Martinsen
Wed 09th May 2012 06:12
Here here Judy - the Photography course is EXCELLENT...would recommend it to anyone. Most of the photos on my website were as a result of being inspired by Susie and Pat on that course. xx Claire

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