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Great Packaging doesn't happen by accident

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 10th May 2012 03:40

I can’t remember how many new product launches I was involved with at Mars [probably about a hundred]. Some of the more memorable launches I helped take to market at the large supermarkets were: Whiskas Pouch Catfood, Uncle Bens Pouch [readycook] Rice and Galaxy Bitesize.  All the product launches were so well thought through, so well researched and launched on a massive scale.  I know how well researched every single element of those new product launches were….and when I say every single element I really do mean every.

And packaging really does matter……its the very first interaction that someone has with your product.

I spent ages thinking about how Breckland Orchard would look on the outside. And although I’ve used a photo of Breckland Orchard bottles to illustrate this blog post I’m not sure I would describe mine under the category of  ‘great packaging’ …it’s not perfect by any means [I’m my own harshest critic]. But I’m lucky enough to get lovely comments about our packaging and it makes me  blush everytime.

What’s been great is reading that two blogs I really rate, have been talking about packaging recently too.

Firstly, the uber-knowledgable Tessa Stuart from AssetResearch – she has a great blog post entitled ‘Why you should pay for packaging’

Secondly, Relish Food Marketing Club have had a real focus on packaging.  If you really want to learn lessons from how the biggest brands do their marketing then Claire and Jo have their finger on the  pulse.

Relish shared this article  on their Facebook page which is great and introduces the notion of packvertising!  Well worth checking out.

And what’s my outtake on packaging?  Don’t have it as an afterthought….think about it, invest in it and remember great packaging doesn’t happen by accident.






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