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Taking Holidays when you own your own business...............

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 16th Aug 2012 02:03

It’s completely different running your own business to being a salaried employee – one of the big differences is that you have no paid holidays [or bank holidays!].  There’s no HR department asking you to book your holidays, no boss ensuring that you have a break in your diary………..and that could lead to a temptation to keep working harder and harder.

I’m often asked if I have time for a holiday.  Couple the fact that soft drinks are very summer weighted, means that a summer holiday is not the best timing[!]

I’m firmly of the opinion that it’s important to take holidays and breaks – perhaps even more so as a small business owner.  Your head whirls about the business 24/7, and enforcing some down time is good.

Like most business owners I can’t walk completely away, but I’ve got a great number 2 and Breckland Orchard is safe without me for a week or so. I delegate more, divert my phone and a quick dip into email can mean I’m still aware of what is going on back at Breckland Orchard.  But a change of scene, spending time with Mr Breckland and the mini-Martinsens and a different routine does mean that I get a good break.

And the advantage to the business is that I come back feeling refreshed, full of energy and having been able to reflect at distance.  Last holiday I came up with a real lightbulb moment that I hadn’t been able to spot when I was ‘in’ the Posh Pop bubble.

Nobody is indispensable and getting that break is good for the soul and good for the business.

Enjoy the holidays!


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