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Missing my IT helpdesk.................

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 02:15

There are so many sheer joys of running your own business……….but these past few weeks I’ve missed the ‘support’ systems that you have when you are part of big corporate machine!

When I worked at Mars we had an IT Helpdesk that operated 24/7……….you could ring them at midnight and they would help you, take control of the pc remotely if required and  fix the problem. I’ve to realise how blissful that was.  You are on your own in the world of small business.

Two weeks ago my laptop ‘died’ on me.  The fan had been working on overtime for a few weeks which I guess was a sign of things to come…….and then one day nothing. Yeap – no amount of coaxing or cajoling would make it work. That’s when all those horrible thoughts of ‘have I got it all backed-up’ cross your mind.  With no 24/7 helpdesk behind you, it’s not a nice place to be.  I’m completely untechnical with computers which made it even more ridiculous.

In came my very own knight in shining armour – the lovely Mr Breckland who is a bit of  technical whizz.  He tried lots of things to fix it, but eventually resorted to ‘rebuilding’ it from scratch.  In the meantime I had to work off a desk-top computer in the evenings, and my Blackberry during the day.  That felt a big strange – not having access to my usual files and my usual way of doing things.

The good [no great!] news is that normal service is resumed………I am back to ‘normal’ and feeling a lot more settled.  Backups were in place, so nothing lost.

Mr Breckland is a genius and I am lucky to have my own ‘IT helpdesk’ at home. Just make sure that you have all your back up plans in place – it’s a scary place to be!

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