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School summer holidays ahoy x

by admin on Tue 14th Aug 2012 02:58

Six weeks of school summer holidays – blessing or problem?  Its the ongoing conundrum that all mothers have!  It’s blissful having the little ones around all day long, stepping off the conveyor belt of school runs etc……..but it takes some proper planning to juggle the summer holidays around work.

That’s one of the key reasons that I stepped off the corporate ladder and set up Breckland Orchard – I wanted to have more time with the family, to travel less and be closer to home.

In these early days of the business it’s hard to juggle school breaks with work…….but I am incredibly lucky to have a wonderful mother, a supportive husband, a more-than-fabulous neighbour.

Help from everyone, a week spent in Wales with my mum,  a great right hand assistant, holiday clubs etc means that I am getting to spend some quality time with the Mini-Martinsens these holidays whilst also running the business [bearing in mind summer is the busiest period for a soft drink business this is no mean feat..].  I rise pretty early at around 6.30am so get some emails done early in the morning, and I’m able to work later in to the evening. It works and the Mini’s are having a great holiday with lots going on!

And I am just so thankful that I am a micro-business owner in charge of my own diary, rather than a corporate mum with a diary forced by the demands of the employer.

Corporate mums – I take my hat off to you….I don’t know how you do it x

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