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Friday: Global Entrepreneurship Week.........My one BIG top tip

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 16th Nov 2012 16:27

‘Pass it on’ is the theme of this years Global Entrepreneurship Week – all about small business owners sharing tips and advice.  So I wanted to end the week by passing on my single biggest tip!

Just get going!

Yeap – that’s it….nothing more complicated than that.  On Wednesday I shared tips about what things to invest in up front when you start and where to save money.  I think a recurring theme of that post was that a year down the line you’ll know a boatload more than you do at the beginning!

That was just the same for me!

A year down the line I had changed:

  • My label design
  • The flavours of drinks I produced
  • My business card
  • My strapline [I still cringe at my first one]
  • My leaflets
  • My photography
  • The colours I used [I defaulted to black at the start – SOOOOO wrong in hindsight]

From day one to now the only thing that remains at Breckland Orchard are two flavours of drink [Ginger Beer with Chilli and Cloudy Lemonade] and my logo/brandname.  Everything else has been changed either drastically [the website] or just subtly [the bottle I use].

My biggest lesson was that you cannot possibly have everything ‘right’ at the outset no matter how much you try.  Just get going [or get swimming as I described it in an early blog post – see here] – the most valuable lessons you’ll learn as a small business owner aren’t by planning or speaking to others……..they are by doing.

Hoping that Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 has encouraged you to get going – and the very very best of luck!  If you need any supporters at the side of the pool just let me know!



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