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Entrepreneurs,Alan Sugar and me............

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 14th Mar 2013 05:29

I was with a big group of small business owners yesterday and we got asked if we were ‘entrepreneurs’ – of course not came back the unanimous reply, we’re just small business owners. Entrepreneurs are ‘famous’ folk like Anita Roddick or Alan Sugar.

I can categorically state that I would NEVER introduce myself, as ‘an entrepreneur’ – I am sure folk would think I was completely up myself, had delusions of grandeur, and thought I was going to be the next Richard Branson.  In fact if I do need to introduce myself to strangers I am more likely to mumble ‘I make drinks’ which has its own issues as people imagine I rustle up a few smoothies on the kitchen table, which isn’t quite what I do either!

The word conjures up lots of images – along the lines of ‘an entrepreneur is a person who started a new business where there was none before’.  And I guess in that respect I do fit the mould, as I did literally create Breckland Orchard from scratch in Spring 2009.

I’m no Richard Branson, and I’m not going to call myself an entrepreneur, but if you want to call me one then OK x


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