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Navigating your way as a Micro-Business

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 25th Mar 2013 01:03

Setting up a new business is a bit like heading off into the unknown. Much like going on a travel trip you can do lots of planning and set a course and destination…but until you actually get started you really have no idea what it will actually be like when you are on the way!

Plans are great when you have a business – they give you an anchor and a sense of direction.  But as someone very wise once told me they are also good for knowing when you have reached a landmark and need to celebrate.  I’m not always good at doing that[!]  Once I get to a key point in the journey of Breckland Orchard I just tend to be impatient to get to the next one……

I’m pretty regimented about doing a quick ‘dashboard’ every month of how things are tracking against where I want to be.  Its probably the equivalent of having a compass en route……it gives me a sense of whether I need to adjust the path.    I don’t know any business owner who hasn’t been buffeted off track in some way – doing too well against your original plan can give just as many nightmares as being under – believe me!

The plan and course for 2013 are set……….what I need to get better at is celebrating along the way…….x

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