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Why it's fabulous to be a [very] small business........

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 24th Apr 2013 03:12

I heard Andy Hill speak recently….extolling the virtues of being a small business owner and how it varies SOOOO much from working in a big corporate.  And he was right – it’s very different, and different in a really good way.  I worked in the world of big business before starting Breckland Orchard and the leap to small business has been just wonderful. There may not be the scale, and yes at times it feels like being a complete minnow in a huge sea – but its also great. Here’s why I love it so much……

    Short sharp decision making means you can move really quickly and do things at speed.  Speed creates momentum………
    There is an almost endless ability to innovate and do things differently – daily if required.  And that ability to innovate is refreshing……
    Don’t believe anyone who says things aren’t personal in a small business – they are very personal!  I love that accountability….there’s no ‘big company’ wall to hide behind on a poor decision. That sits entirely within my small team, and if we’ve made a wrong call we change it very very quickly [see the need for speed].
    I love being close to my customers and to be able to flex and respond appropriately.  I still love it when folk ring up, speak to me and are surprised[!]…..who else do you think is going to answer the phone!
  • FUN
    I genuinely love every single day at Breckland Orchard – the level of fun varies from day to day, but its fun every single day.  And I guess that’s because I’ve got the personal accountabilty to make it exciting every day and to create a fun atmosphere [see personal accountabilty].  Its hard work, but hard work that is enjoyable is fun.

And all the qualities that come with being a small business are infectious and momentum creating…..I just wish everyone working in big corporates had the opportunity to experience life in the small world too.

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