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Just the loveliest of feedback.....

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 02nd May 2013 07:24

One of the very best bits of running Breckland Orchard is speaking to people who are thinking of starting up their own farmshop or cafe.  They either drop us an email or we meet at a Trade Show.  It’s not that long ago that I started up Breckland Orchard, and I still remember that mix of excitement, mad planning and slight fear of what is upcoming.  There’s a glow and a pride seeing those same folk go ahead and open up their business and see the final results.

Rachel and Sarah from Market Row Cafe in Beccles, Suffolk were just like that…….they got in touch just before they started and have now been open for 4 weeks.  They took over an existing business, gave it an overhaul and followed their passion for growing and cooking great food.

And I got this lovely note from them this week:

Just to let you know that we have just embarked on our 4th week at Market Row Cafe and even though at times we are not really sure what day of the week it is, we are throughly enjoying running our little cafe & sandwich bar.
“Poshpops” stand every proudly in our glass fronted refridgerated cabinet and we have had nothing but positive comments about them and even converted a diet coke drinker who at first tutted when we explained we did not stock coke!
Please let us know if you have any new flavours in the pipline and if ever in Beccles pop in and say hello.
Ahhh…….now you know why I love doing what I do…..
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