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Ma Breckland's view of evolution........

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 15th May 2013 03:51

I do most things VERY fast…………….and that can be a good or a bad thing in business I know!  Often its a plus….even now I am touch typing at speed, which means I can type things very fast, I think fast, I am a bit of a whirlwind to be around.  As the lovely Pip knows only too well I’m a fast worker by I’m not the neatest of workers – whoops!  But I think my energy and drive has helped me in establishing Breckland Orchard over the past few years….it takes passion and determination to take an idea from a pipe dream to actually make it happen.

And to people who think I’m very energetic, I say ‘oh no – you should meet my mother’ now she really is the most active and energetic person I know.  And its true, my mum is just about to celebrate a landmark birthday this year [I won’t say which one to save her blushes], yet she has the energy of a woman half her age and the strength of an ox.  She quite literally is amazing.

But if anyone says to her, what a livewire she is, she says ‘oh no – you should have met my mother’ – aka my grandmother.  And she was a fantastically capable woman too – though not as energetic as Ma Breckland in my opinion, but maybe I’m biased in that way.

So maybe that’s it….I’ve been born into a line of energetic females who work hard and fast.  And maybe our energy levels are decreasing down the generations[!].

There’s a mini-girl Martinsen who is showing a similar huge output of artwork at this stage….watch out world!  No doubt she will claim to be less of a go-getter than me x

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