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Introducing the Recipe Development Manager at Breckland Orchard

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 08th May 2013 04:13

I was at a big Trade Show at the NEC a few weeks back and two folk came to my stand who worked for a [rather big] competitor.  Their badges said they worked in ‘new product development’ or ‘flavour development’ or something like that.  They wanted to know who it was who came up with the innovation at Breckland Orchard.  And surprise-surpise they were actually looking at her. Ta-dah!  Oh – that would be me.  Like every small business owner I perform a miriad of roles here at Breckland Orchard.

I make absolutely no apologies for that – I adore thinking up new flavour combinations…..and that comes from a deep rooted love of cooking and experimenting with lots of different tastes. I love baking, I love making jams and chutneys, I love messing around with flavour combinations.  I adore things like that, its a big hobby….I carry that passion into all the new flavours and products I have at Breckland Orchard.  I could never imagine a time when I was so removed from the product that I felt the need to put in a team of  ‘recipe development’ folk.

So this is the way that new flavours are developed at Breckland Orchard. If I love the taste of it,  I’m proud enough to put the Breckland Orchard label on it, and I’m sure that everyone else will love the taste too.  Its worked so far x

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