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One of my favourite blogs.......

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 20th May 2013 02:41

I love information, but there’s a world of information and advice out there on the web, so it helps to have a place where all that advice is ‘curated’ [gosh – I do hate that word, but it kind-of-fits here…sorry!].

I love the Business Bakery Blog, and though founder Julia Bickerstaff lives on the other side of the world, I love the information she sends out.  She too has young children, and her blog is perfectly suited to female business owners trying to juggle work, life, family, house etc etc!  Full of interesting tips, great articles from other sites and generally good advice.  I always think of something new after having read one of her posts.

If you get a chance its well worth checking out


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Julia Bickerstaff
Tue 28th May 2013 19:17
Oh hello Claire, thank you for posting this. I found it by accident - tho' I have read your blogs before (and LOVE them!). I do live on the other side of the world but I'm an English lass and as they say you can take the girl out of England but you can't take England out of the girl! I really miss good local British food and drink and when I'm next back visiting the family I'll track your stuff down. Julia x

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