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Hats off to Facebook's new VP for Europe, Middle East and Africa....

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 10th May 2013 05:12

I’ve often reflected and shared in this blog just how difficult balancing a corporate career and a family is.  Four years ago I worked for a large corporate, but having my two mini-Martinsens was a key driver to starting Breckland Orchard……balancing a career for a large company with children is very tough.

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo has gathered lots of column inches these past few weeks after her insistence that Yahoo employees should not work from home and should all be office based.  She may have had the best of intentions [something about team working beginning with physical connectivity], but she’s done little to drive the belief that combining motherhood with corporate working is anything but blooming hard.

So how completely refreshing to read this week about the appointment of Nicola Mendelsohn to a top job with Facebook.  She’s accepted the job working four days a week, so that she can look after her four children also.   A great role model, that running a large corporate and having a good work balance IS possible – all power to her!


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