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Happy 17th of May.....Norwegian National Day

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 17th May 2013 02:14

OK…I accept in the UK the 17th of May isn’t the most famous of days, but in Norway its HUGE [and I mean really really huge] – it marks the day in 1814 when Norway signed a constitution to mark its independence.  Back in Norway its the chance for everyone to go completely nationalistic, wave flags all over the place and generally be happy to be Norwegian.

And of course you mind have guessed that with a surname like Martinsen I am married to a Norwegian – the very lovely Mr Breckland, who I met at University many many years ago.  So the mini-Martinsen’s are 50% Norwegian [although my son claims that he thinks he’s only 25% Norwegian], and we spend most of our holidays with friends and family in Norway.  The pictures don’t really do it justice – its a fabulously beautiful country.

And a little while ago I made my first ‘Kransekake  [see top!]- a Norwegian cake made of almonds, which is traditionally eaten at events such as 17th May.  So there’s a little teeny tiny corner of Norwegian traditional taking place over here too!

Happy 17th May – Gratulerer!


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