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How not to run a Farmshop...........

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 23rd May 2013 08:04

Did you see the Apprentice  on BBC last night ?  The task was to run a pop-up farmshop in Central London, and it had to be said the results were pretty ropey.  One team majored on soup and jacket potatoes, the other team on smoothies and juices.

It was really nice to see our friends at Calcott Hall Farm pop up on screen – showing the great range of fruit and veg that they grow on the farm.  Dan at Calcott has a mine of information and the mind kind of boggles why the team didn’t utilise his knowledge….maybe that’s the magic of television.

I hope that the show at least demonstrated that running a farm shop is no easy task, and that the folk who run successful farm shops have incredible knowledge and passion, that no group of ‘wannabes’ could come close to replicating! As Rick Stein said on the ‘You’re Fired’ programme – he’s always amazed that contestants on the Apprentice never really care what they are selling, and that if you are going to sell well you at least have to have some kind of passion about the product  – well said that man!

I’m lucky to work in a sector where I get to visit some of the most amazing farmshops in the UK, and the pleasure of seeing my Posh Pop on their shelves.  Get out and support those great farmshop owners and see what real farmshop retailing is all about [not a carton of juice from the local cornerstore in sight!]

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