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This could sum up what being an entrepreneur is like.....

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 20th Aug 2013 09:45

I was sent this via Facebook, by my best friend….and I LOVE it!  Its the work of Matt Cheuvront who writes an entrepreneurial blog called Life without Pants [pants in the US sense, rather than the British….guess the name doesn’t translate that well!].  Its a great site, and well worth checking out for some fab articles.

If I’m ever asked what I ‘do’ I would never ever respond ‘I’m an entrepreneur’…..I guess I see that word as being in the domain of more ‘techy’ and flash business owners.  But I loved the words in the picture above, it kind of encapsulates all the feelings of running a small business….the mix of fear, wonderment, enjoyment, learning, growing.  As a female business owner, juggling the joys of two small children at the same time those feelings are just magnified .

And its my new screensaver on my computer, so I shall enjoy and savour every word, and pinch myself just how lucky I am to be living out my dream job.

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Tracy Millar
Wed 21st Aug 2013 05:16
Soooo glad you love it :-) And soooo proud of you xx

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