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Time for a Label overhaul.......

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 06th Dec 2013 03:48

BottlesWe’re up to our ears here at Breckland Orchard HQ getting our new Posh Pop labels sorted!  So we’re working uber-hard. It generally works out that we need to change our labels every couple of years, and its just that time again……

We’ve had lots of feedback from customers saying ‘don’t change them, we love them just the way they are’ and so it’s certainly not a revolutionary change, more of an evolution.  We’ve always had lovely comments about our labels, so we’re just hoping to give them a minor tweak to make them even more super!

There’s a little bit of ‘creative’ when you’re revising labels, but in reality the majority of the work is in planning the layout, checking and then painstakingly rechecking.  There are plenty of regulations covering labelling, what can and can’t be on the labels, what has to be grouped together, even down to how big the font has to be for individual elements.  The amount of legislation can be somewhat overwhelming to be honest, and just to make it more complicated it’s constantly changing too.  These labels are going to adhere to the legislation coming into effect at the end of 2014!

My local Trading Standards team have been hugely supportive, and to be honest the whole thing would have been like a mine-field to a small business like Breckland Orchard with out them. I’ve been really glad to have had them giving me a guiding hand through the whole process.

We’re hoping to have the new labels rolling out over the coming weeks and months……..and when they are all finally ready we’ll be taking a huge sigh here and maybe raising a glass of Posh Pop!

Claire Martinsen

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