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The key to creating more time in the week................

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 14th Jan 2014 06:27

SONY DSCHave to be honest – I’m a juggler………juggling doing a myriad of jobs within Breckland Orchard.  But also juggling running a small business, with being mum to the mini-Martinsens, work-home-children-me…….its a complex conundrum that requires constant juggling around.

I read a great article in a magazine just before Christmas advocating being more effective by having less meetings.  I had an inward chuckle..having worked for a big corporation I know just how much time and energy internal meetings can take out your working week.  Big companies work a bit like big juggernauts, you need to spend time on discussion and alignment, so that everyone is working effectively.

At Breckland Orchard we’re just teeny……the absolute  reverse of a big juggernaut, and that means that we can keep internal meetings to an zero.  And the effect of having less meetings means more time, more creativity and more nimbleness.  So you can get more done in the same time……..which when you are juggling multiple tasks that’s pretty much essential!

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