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Mini Entrepreneur in training........

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 08th Jan 2014 10:01

Little Miss BrecklandThings don’t always go to plan……Monday this week was a prime example of the realities of being a ‘mumpreneur’!

We’re doing  a label redesign at the moment. The labels should have been printed last week, but the paper was delayed in arriving due to Christmas shutdowns….which meant that my printers had to put the print run back to Monday 6th.  And that kind of created a clash – checking that the new labels were going to be tip-top AND Little Miss Breckland being off school due to a teacher training day. Hmmmmmm……dilemma….

So I ended up having a ‘new’ apprentice for the day.  She packed up her new ‘owl satchel’ that she’d had for Christmas.  Packed with all the essentials that a 6 year old requires for a day ‘at work’ – you know [felt tips, colouring book, reading book from the library, iPad and headphones etc] and off we set.

[Hasten to add she wasn’t dressed in the Zebra one-sie…..that really would have been too ridiculous….taking a Zebra to work!]

Had a few errands to run, a customer delivery to make, and then to the print run.  Our printers were amazing, and she commandeered a table in the corner of their main office and made herself busy.  She can be pretty industrious and was a complete angel all day.

In an ideal world of course there wouldn’t have been a clash, but these things happen. And come the end of the day – the labels were all done [and look pretty amazing] and Little Miss Breckland had had an insight in to the working day of her mummy at Breckland Orchard.  All’s well that ends well………

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Judith Barker
Thu 09th Jan 2014 14:51
Really important to share these stories and show that it is ok to juggle and quality outcomes can flow for adults, children and business. Thank you!

Claire Martinsen
Fri 10th Jan 2014 04:08
Its the reality of juggling masses of things at the same time. She did have a good day though....I am blessed that I own my own business and can take decisions like that. Well aware that if I worked for a big corporate it would have been frowned on - that's what causes working parents so much stress. Claire

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