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Realities of running your own business.......

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 20th Jan 2014 18:55

IMG_4620Its been a long day at the Breckland Orchard office today…..doing my [not so] favourite job of proofing ‘stuff’ for most of the day.  I caught up with a friend last week and they were rather amazed that my life would consist of lots [and lots and lots] of proofing!  I can assure you that the realities of running a small business is sometimes having to turn your hand to lots of things.

Today was proofing yet more labels and a new leaflet.  The leaflet had been pinging its way back and forth all day from the printers yesterday [yeap – working on sundays just like me] and I thought I’d proof-read most of it and corrected the most obvious.  Then this morning I rolled in the big guns, and got my step mother to proof it…..she’s got hawk eyes when it comes to reading over and came up with a whole list of errors.

So back to the printers, who corrected, re-sent it to me, I re-downloaded it, noticed one of the long list that they hadn’t corrected, emailed them back, they corrected. re-sent it to me.  Come-on you get the gist!  Suffice to say proofing is about absolute attention to detail and it isn’t necessarily a short process!

When you press the button on a new label design, or press the print button on a new leaflet, you really do need to make sure that its completely right.  Sometimes you can be so close to the project that its hard to spot the errors.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way its that you need to get the input of some separate proof readers.

And come the end of this Monday, then everything has moved along and I’m making progress…..the leaflets come back Friday and are going to look amazing, the labels are ready to print next week. Massive thank you to my step-mother for her patience and kindness in proofing so well. Fingers crossed they come out ‘perfect’.


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Kris H
Mon 17th Feb 2014 12:26
Yes running a small business is certainly challenging. Constantly checking and rechecking everything. But well worth it.

Joanna Wallis
Mon 26th May 2014 06:47
Claire, am so enjoying reading your blogs and advice/comments on the various aspects of your business. I really admire you for expanding and growing your Company, and still keeping a sense of humour. I actually came across you when on the Menta website. Leanne was also helpful to me in the early stages, and I was just mulling over whether, 3 years on or so, I needed another session or impartial guidance. Having read your comments, it would be no bad thing. Keep up the amazing work. Best wishes, Joanna.

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